Custom Branding for Resellers

Sunday, October 16, 2016

With Elastic Email it is easy to re-brand your emails. But, did you know you can also re-brand our User Interface? If you manage your own set of clients this is a great way to continue offering email services under your own brand.

How does it work?

Elastic Email offers the ability to create and manage unlimited sub-accounts. Sub-accounts for all intensive purposes are their own accounts. Contacts, templates, reports, ect are all separate.  However, the Parent/Main account handles all the billing and tracks the usage of each sub-account.  The Parent/Main account can also set rules and limits for how sub-accounts can operate based on your agreement with your own customer.  You can use sub-accounts without Custom Branding enabled. But they are designed with re-sellers in mind.  For more information on how to manage sub-account settings from the Parent/Main account see this:

It is also important that you understand our terms for re-branding and reselling our service.

Reselling our service is for businesses or people who want to offer email services to their clients without having the hassle or overhead of building their own solution.  We are offering an implementation of our services that you can re-brand and sell as your own by paying us a fee.

Elastic Email is not for businesses or people who are wanting to make a quick dollar like affiliate marketing or typical work from home opportunities.

If you are reselling our services, the following rules apply:

You must comply with our Elastic Email Terms of Use.  You must comply with our standard terms of use policies found at to resell our services.

You must have your own Terms of Use policy available on your website. You need a terms of use policy that is available from your home page and easily accessible.  We have to approve your terms.  You can use our terms found at and simply make the necessary changes.  Your must enforce your terms with your customers.

You are charged our normal pricing: You are charged regardless of:

  • the delivery result of the emails
  • any refunds made to your customers
  • any charge backs made by your customers

You are first in line support for your customers. You need to have your own support system that can be as simple as an email address.  Your customers should not directly contact Elastic Email support, if they do, they will be directed to your support.  You can establish two representatives that can launch support requests through our service or to help resolve any issues your customers might be having.

Custom Branding Settings.

You will find these settings when you click "Custom Branding" on this screen:

The basic settings will give you a customized login screen, and whitelabel links and urls.  You will need access to a hosted domain to use the Custom Branding features.


This setting will allow you to enable or disable custom branding for your account at any time without having to delete the settings.

Custom URL

Create a URL for your interface. Visit the DNS settings of your domain and create a new CNAME record that points to "". There are no restrictions on what the CNAME is, but it should probably be something that is relevant to sending email.  Be aware that the CNAME "email" is often a reserved record so you may need to try something like "mail" or "emailmarketing". Enter the full CNAME you created into the field CNAME.  Ex:

Logo URL, Support Link, Whitelabel SMTP

The "Logo URL" field is a url or link to your logo. The logo will display at the login screen and in the generic notification emails that are sent.The "Support Link" is used in email notifications to your users.  It should be a page that has information on how to contact you for support.To "whitelabel" the SMTP settings create 2 CNAME records in your domain's DNS.  We recommend creating smtp and point it to and smtp25 and point it to  Then enter the full CNAME records and into the SMTP server and Alternate settings fields.

Setup Complete

Visit your URL. You will see the dashboard login with your logo.  You can login to any Elastic Email account here.  Create unlimited sub-accounts for your clients.  Provide your client with the URL and their sub-account login information.  And now you have your clients sending email from your branded interface.

Additionally you can whitelabel SPF and Tracking DNS records.

First make sure your own domain is verified using the SPF, DKIM, and Tracking records on this page: - Your sub-account clients can then add the following to their own DNS.


Name: @

Type: TXT

Value: v=spf1 a mx ~all


Name: tracking

Type : CNAME


Do not change DKIM entry.

Website Integration

An optional last step is integrating the interface into your own website.  This simply requires placing scripts into the head and body of the HTML of your webpage.

Within the head tags of the HTML of your website you will need to place some scripts.  Please contact our support for updated scripts. 

And place the following within the body tags of the HTML

<div id="mycontainer"></div>

<script type="text/javascript">
ee.init("mycontainer", true, {locale: 'en'});
ee.api.path = "";

You can also create a custom account creation process for your customers using the "Create Sub-account" API


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