Snapforce Now Offers Integration with Elastic Email

Thursday, December 8, 2016
Our Elastic Email team of engineers, writers, delivery experts and managers continue to innovate and bring you new features, tools and opportunities to use Elastic Email’s platform. We want to be an integral part of your system by helping you build relationships with your contacts, along with creating new and exciting email experiences that strengthen your brand and broaden your marketing reach. 

We are excited to announce that Snapforce, a CRM designed to help you save money, track your customers and build opportunities is now offering an integration with us - Elastic Email. 

CRM or Customer Relationship Management is about organizing all the communications, actions, meetings, patterns and more that are part of the customer journey. Snapforce gathers this information and with a combination of state of the art technology to bring you software that can instantly help you improve your customer relationships. By adding the power of Snapforce to your business, you can improve your customer service and capitalize on new opportunities to ensure your company has long term viability. 

Elastic Email and Snapforce 

Elastic Email account holders can now easily use our API to take your delivery results and store them in Snapforce. You will see some immediate benefits using this integration in the way reporting and ease of use are available to you. You can use the CRM tools available through Snapforce’s interface to help you analyze your campaign results and discover a whole new way to track customer relationships and trends. 

Here are some of the available benefits of the Snapforce integration:

  • Pushing contacts, leads onto Elastic Email
  • Additional visibility into the emails logged in lead and customer timelines
  • Knowing if your emails were delivered, opened, clicked or bounced
  • Automatic summation of the campaign results   

Elastic Email is happy to offer this integration to Elastic Email account holders who can look to Snapforce to solve any existing gaps in their CRM needs, and is excited to welcome Snapforce CRM users who can now easily make Elastic Email’s powerful platform a new part of their CRM strategy. 

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