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Snapforce Now Offers Integrati...

Snapforce Now Offers Integration with Elastic Email

Our Elastic Email team of engineers, writers, delivery experts and managers continue to innovate and bring you new features, tools and opportunities to use Elastic Email’s platform.
Holiday Marketing

Holiday Marketing

Days are shorter and the air colder, for many, this is a sign that holiday season is coming! There are less than 50 days before you'll enjoy gifts, lights, friends, and family, but before all the fun begins, make sure you're making the most of the time you have right now to design a fabulous Holiday campaign. Here are some things to keep in mind to help your email campaigns shine bright this joyful season.
Managing Your Elastic Email Co...

Managing Your Elastic Email Contacts

Your contacts are arguably the most important part of your email. With out them, you would have no one to send your emails to.
24 Tips for Keeping your Mail ...

24 Tips for Keeping your Mail Out of the Spam Folder

Did you know that many ISPs admit that 10-20% of legitimate mail ends up in the spam folder because of filters? Here are a few tips to help you increase the chances that your mail will make it to the inbox.
Custom Branding for Resellers

Custom Branding for Resellers

With Elastic Email it is easy to re-brand your emails. But, did you know you can also re-brand our User Interface? If you manage your own set of clients this is a great way to continue offering email services under your own brand.
What are Feedback Loops?

What are Feedback Loops?

"Feedback Loop" is a term used to describe any process in a system that uses the outcome of a situation as future input. If we are to apply this concept to email, then basically a feedback loop is any feature or mechanism that provides information of the outcome of an email with which we use for future delivery.
Your Elastic Email Account Set...

Your Elastic Email Account Settings Guide

In this post we'll help you understand all the options available to you under your Account Settings.
What is a custom tracking doma...

What is a custom tracking domain and why is it important?

One of the basic features we offer is click tracking. To track those clicks, Elastic Email rewrites the links in your emails. The rewritten links will briefly direct the user through our system so the "click" can be registered. The domain that we use to rewrite the links is what we call a "tracking domain". While we do have a default tracking domain that we can use to rewrite your links, we offer the ability to "white label" the tracking domain with your own domain.
Try Out Our New DMARC Generato...

Try Out Our New DMARC Generator Tool

Learn more about DMARC and try out our new DMARC GENERATOR TOOL. Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance is an email authentication protocol that is built on top of SPF and DKIM protocols. SPF and DKIM are prerequisites of DMARC and must be in place before setting up a DMARC policy.
Our New Managed Email Program

Our New Managed Email Program

We are excited to extend to you our new Managed Email Program. The goal of the Managed Email Program is to provide customized delivery optimization, detailed domain level reporting, and contact segmentation based on engagement.
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