Pay as you go pricing.


free emails per month

additional email: $0.09 /1000

Number of emails you send per month
cost Free
Private IPs
$0.79 /day
Email Attachments $1.00 /GB
See price sheet
> More details on Private IPs
  • Control your own IP Reputation
  • Manage pools of IPs

  • IP/Domain level delivery tracking
  • Additional bounce detail information
  • Separate Transactional from Marketing Email
Advanced Marketing Tools (Optional)
First 100,000 contacts (per month)
$0.29 /1000
Next 1,000,000 contacts
$0.19 /1000
Additional contacts
$0.09 /1000
> More details on Advanced Marketing Tools
  • Contact segmentation and list tools
  • A/X Testing for subject and content
  • Detailed contact tracking
  • Custom template scripting
  • Powerful email automation
  • Survey Creation and Tracking
  • Contact ranking and profiling (used for better delivery!)

Included in every account

  • 24/7 Support - We are here to help!
  • SMTP and HTTP API Access
  • Detailed delivery tracking and statistics
  • Unlimited Sub-Accounts
  • Inbound Email API

  • Campaign creation tools
  • Unlimited Free Contact Storage
  • Template Editing
  • Detailed Campaign Statistics
  • White Label Reseller Tools

Want more? Try our Managed Email Program

  • Premium Support + Assigned Account Manager
  • Private IP Pool Management by our Delivery Experts

  • Weekly ip/domain delivery updates
  • Expert help designing a custom marketing automation solution

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