Improve your delivery and make your life easier.

Use Elastic Email as your outbound SMTP server to improve your delivery rates and seamlessly scale from 100 emails to 100 million per month on our ultra-fast global infrastructure.

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SMTP Relay

Create an account to get an API Key then get setup in 5 minutes with our standard SMTP configuration.


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Want to do more than send mails? We have an API for that. Fully integrate our email and contact tools into your website or application.

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Scripted Template Engine

Send data, not HTML, to your Email Server and use Elastic Email's template engine to create beautiful templates.

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Inbound Email API

Use our inbound email API to parse inbound SMTP messages and have the data posted to your web server. 

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Web Hooks

Let our servers talk to your servers with real-time web hooks to notify you of important email events.

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Private IP Pools

Take control of your delivery. We offer Private IPs for just $0.79 per day.

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A/X Transactional Optimization

Improve your transactional mail with easy to setup channels and templates that will learn and optimize over time.

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Gain access to unlimited sub-accounts. Separate your mail by type or for your own clients to get the best results.

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Cloud Email Delivery

Elastic Emails cloud based delivery scales to meet your needs. We send hundreds of millions of emails every month.

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